So far, so good!

It’s been a while since our last update on Mimi. So many things have happened in all our lives. Well, after the treatment and recovering in Germany, Mimi went back to her family in Alger in September. She had to be extremely careful to prevent any infection because after a stem cell transplantation even a simple cold can be fatal. Also there’s a heap of  rules on what or not to eat or how to behave in public. All in all it can take up to one year until a patient’s immune system is back with full force. Luckily Mimi has been healthy since and did not have to struggle with any infections. Mimi came back to Germany for her first after treatment scan in late October. We are happy about the results since there has not been any change to her last CT in August. „No change“ means good! It means that the scans don’t show any negative alterations such as new enlargened lymph nodes. Also Mimi did not show any of the disease’s side effects she suffered from when she first came to Germany. She gained weight and even the nurses in the hospital were happy to see her „looking so much better“. We’re now organising check-ups for Mimi every 3 months. We’re happy with the current situation and we’re still MORE than happy about all the help and support we received in 2015. We could not have done any of that without your power!

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!




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